Healing Moves & Status Conditions on Humans - Explained

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Healing Moves & Status Conditions on Humans - Explained

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Google Doc Link!: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yD9 ... sp=sharing

Sometimes, your character may get hurt in roleplay. Sometimes you may consider having a pokemon use one of its magical healing abilities on you. Sometimes you would rather have your character get healed by a healing move or a potion instead of going to the hospital or let it heal normally. In this post, I will explain how this is sometimes a horrifying mistake, sometimes just a really bad decision, and sometimes a “meh” decision.

To begin with, I’ll explain how healing moves look and operate in roleplay. Keep in mind I will only be describing the moves that have the potential to heal others. Healing moves that only heal the user will not be covered.
  • Softboiled: An egg-shaped orb of energy moves out from the body of the user, and is absorbed into whoever it’s healing. This also applies to healing itself. When Softboiled is used too many times in succession to heal someone else, the user will tire out and no longer be able to use it. This is not a very powerful healing move when used to heal others. This move is best at healing minor cuts, bruising, minor burns, and hairline fractures.
  • Heal Pulse: The user emits a pulse of energy that heals all targets within range. The range can be controlled by the user up to a maximum of 20 blocks. It is not possible to use Heal Pulse to heal oneself. This move is significantly more powerful than Softboiled in terms of its ability to heal, but not as much as Healing Wish. It can heal large cuts, second degree burns, and broken bones. See below for why it is dangerous to heal broken bones.
  • Healing Wish: The user unleashes a massive amount of healing energy upon a single target, but the user is consequently rendered unconscious. This move is more powerful than Heal Pulse.This is the one that can save your life in an emergency situation. If you're on the ground and bleeding out, Healing Wish can stabilize you. In all situations, this move will leave you feeling very weak when it is used on you. The amount of energy your body has burned to undertake such a large and rapid episode of healing is significant. Again, all healing moves carry significant risks and should only be used in an emergency situation when it's impossible to go to the hospital.
  • Milk Drink: The user provides some form of… energy infused milk. They either drink it themselves or allow others to drink it. Gross. This move is just as powerful as Softboiled in its ability to heal others.
  • Wish: In roleplay, a user is targeted and a burst of healing energy is released into the air. After a couple minutes, the energy is absorbed by the target. This move is more powerful than Softboiled and Milk Drink, but not as powerful as Heal Pulse.
Now that we’ve named all of the restorative moves, it’s time to explain what they will do to humans.

Healing moves force human tissue/bone to rapidly regrow or reseal. This means that cuts, burns, and bruises can be healed just fine. However, it’s dangerous to heal broken bones. Healing moves will just cause bone to grow. This means that if bones are not properly set, the bone will begin growing wherever it is. We have had instances in the past where a broken rib had punctured a lung, and a poorly-timed healing move caused the rib to grow into the lung. In general, it’s probably just a good idea not to use healing moves to heal broken bones or ruptured organs, You can do more harm than good.

In this world, doctors generally avoid using healing moves on people unless specifically requested and a waiver is signed. Using healing moves on humans can be incredibly dangerous and risky. Major injuries such as broken bones or organ damage can be improperly restored, which could create permanent problems for the healed person. Healing moves also tired the receiver. They don’t provide any additional energy to the receiver to speed the healing, it only speeds the healing process. The body of the receiver has to supply energy for the tissue to continue growing. This means it’s a bad idea to continually spam healing moves on someone to heal them back to full because they might suffer a heart attack due to the massive energy strain it puts on the body to magically regrow. Additionally, the prolonged use healing moves on humans puts them at risk for cancer, especially if it is used to treat major injuries. This is common knowledge among the characters of Toro-League. The longer a tissue is being magically, spontaneously forced to regenerate, the greater the risk for it not knowing when to stop regenerating.
  • Healing moves will not heal:
  • Mental/physical disorders or disabilities
  • Disease
  • Infection
  • Drowning
  • Nerve Damage
  • Blood loss
  • You get the idea. If it’s not a cut, bruise, burn, or broken bone, healing moves won’t affect it.
As for potions, they are specifically designed for pokemon and are toxic to humans when ingested or if it enters the bloodstream. Don’t do it.
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Re: Healing Moves & Status Conditions on Humans - Explained

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Humans do not react to status conditions the same way Pokemon do. They're incapable of receiving statuses as status conditions - rather, the move will inflict damage on them in a way that mirrors how it would logically work. This means status-curing items like Awakenings and Paralyze Heals aren't going to do anything, and that some work differently than upon Pokemon. This article will mainly focus on moves that solely inflict a status - damaging moves that have a chance to inflict a status condition will be discussed briefly at the end.

Status Conditions by Move:

- Will-O-Wisp: Inflicts a roughly baseball-sized second-degree burn (superficial sub-type, not deep partial) at the point of connection

- Thunder Wave: Acts like a stun gun. To summarize the effects - in addition to the shocking, it causes immobilizing pain, cramping and uncontrollable muscle contractions, and can cause temporary muscle failure.
- Glare: Triggers "freeze" part of fight-flight-freeze response, causing muscles to lock up and adrenaline to surge.
- Stun Spore: Inhalation or absorption through skin causes short-term paralysis through muscle spasms and lockup.

- Poison Gas / Poison Powder: Inhalation or absorption through skin, causes "poisoned" equiv (see below)
- Toxic Spikes: Infection occurs when the spikes puncture the skin. can cause "poisoned" or "badly poisoned" equivs based on exposure (see below)
Poisoned: For humans, this exposure to poison nausea quickly and can cause vomiting and asthma attacks with prolonged exposure. Very rarely lethal, tends to wear off on its own after anywhere from a minute or two to a few hours depending on the degree of exposure.
- Toxic: The poison itself is transdermal, meaning the degree of effect will (for humans) depend on how much they're hit by and how much they can brush off before it's absorbed (which is a fairly quick process). See "badly poisoned" (below)
Badly Poisoned: For humans, the severity ranges from a general feeling of "eh"-ness, to a cramping stomach and joint pain, to a high fever and throbbing headache if hit by a full dose and unable to get treatment. The only one that can be "cured" in some form, and the only one that needs to be cured to avoid risk of eventual death if your immune system can't deal with it (which isn't super common, but no reason to risk it)

- All Non-Damaging Moves: inflicts an intense headache / dizziness through various means, lasting only for a few seconds.

- Grass Whistle / Sing: A strange and special kind of note / song that works its magic directly on one person at a time (though anybody nearby can hear the sound itself). Partially plugging your ears will not prevent the move from affecting you, but it will make it take more time / effort to kick in completely. Only completely deafening yourself through high-end sound-blocking earplugs / head coverings / soundproofing will make you immune to these two moves.
- Hypnosis / Yawn / Lovely Kiss: A visual performance that creates a feeling of exhaustion in the target as they watch the Pokemon. Can be avoided by keeping your eyes off of them before they begin and entrance you.
- Sleep Powder / Spore: A powder of grassy stuff or mushroom spores that dissolves on and absorbed through the person's exposed skin. The powder dissipates after a few seconds, making it impossible to store. Completely covering your skin will keep you safe from these.
Note: Humans are partially-resistant to sleep moves, and it takes an extra dose/turn or two to work on fully-awake humans.

- Flinch: Humans cannot be "flinched" by moves (although they may flinch / be distracted / be unable to react as a result of being hit by any move).
- Freeze: A move that would inflict "Freeze" partially coats the human in a thin layer of ice. This can be rather dangerous, as hypothermia and frostbite can swiftly set in if exposed skin stays in contact with the ice for too long. Fortunately, pokemon-created ice doesn't last too long.
- Damaging Moves that can inflict Status: These moves deal a secondary effect as above that seems appropriate for the move itself. The burn from a Flamethrower could be worse than from Will-o-Wisp, the paralysis from Lick is the same as from Glare, the nausea from getting Gunk Shot goo on you could be a lot less of a concern than the force of getting it with it originally, etc etc. Ask an ET for advice if you're not sure about the severity!
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