Why Toroan Dragonair should get Freeze Dry: An Essay

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Why Toroan Dragonair should get Freeze Dry: An Essay

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I'd like to this preface this text with a sincere gratitude to the Battle Team for hearing me out, due to the massive amount of moves within Pokemon its inevitibal that the designers would forget putting moves on certain Pokemon. Even Game Freak is guilty of this. However, the addition of a simple move could drastically impact a pokemons viability within a competitive enviroment.

There is no reason that Toroan Dragonair would be biologically incapable of using Freeze Dry. It shares many characteristics with every other Pokemon that is capable of using Freeze Dry. Mainly it's light blue colored body and harsh, isolated cold environments. If Cryogonal and Lapras living in Galenea have these similiarities and can learn Freeze Dry. I don't see a reason why Toroan Dragonair wouldn't be able to use it.

However, Lore isn't everything there is to a Pokemon, adding certain moves could drastrically impact a metagame if added unchecked. It is not an unknown fact to the reader of this text that Toro Dragonair shares it's typing with Kyurem (Base form), however this is not where the similarities end. Kyurem and Dragonair share a fairly similar kit, through Toro Dragonair's isn't as wide and enforces a role of a special attacker and variations onto it. Kyurem and Dragonair share a same speed tier, through Toro Dragonair is notably slower and frailer than Kyurem, it boasts a slightly higher special attack that allows it to perform the purpose it's kit has decided for it well enough Kyurem and Dragonair however do happen to have very different abilities, and while Dragonair's abilities are better suited for a special attacker, none of them would massively impact Freeze-Dry's power it's then fair to assume that Kyurem and Dragonair would share a very similar place in the metagame, if not worse for Dragonair due to it's lack of versatility that allows pokemon such as Kyurem, Volcanion or Clefable to shine in their specific tier of the competitive scene. And it is this versatility that allowed Kyurem to strive in UU a few gens ago and it's because of this versatility that Kyurem got banned from SS OU a few months back. Therefore, Dragonair does not have the capabilities to be such a meta defining threat as Kyurem has nowadays, and would arguably still be weaker than older versions of Kyurems that already had access to Freeze-Dry, so Dragonair's access to Freeze-Dry would allow it to play role as an offensive threat slightly better and massively improve it's viability without making it a meta defining threat.

Dragonair's access to Freeze-Dry would allow it to perform better it's role while not having any impact on the base Pokemon, but what about our Toroan friends friends?
38% of the Toro form Pokemon are weak to Water type, making them a lot less effective than their non-weak comrades
Allowing Dragonair to gain access to the tools to enable those Pokemon would improve their viability and allow them to be more favored by the players, making the Toro metagame more friendly towards Toroan forms than it already is!

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out on why Toroan Dragonair needs Freeze-Dry.
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