Dembongos helper application

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Dembongos helper application

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Preferred Name: Dembongo
MC Username: Dembongo
Age: 22
Time Zone: Est
Number of hours available: 72
How long you have been playing on Toro League: 6 months

Why do you want to become a Helper?: Truthfully to help and better the experience of staff and players. There's a massive disconnect in aspects neither can bridge without damaging the social ecosystem already created, I think I can personally help fill and bridge these gaps created by years of bandaging and quick fixing. I enjoy all of my peers player wise, and I love my staff members.

Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: I don't know if videogames truly count as teamwork experience. But I've had plenty of guilds and long lasting friendgroups that followed social hierarchys and I've always done my best to be the anchor in them, not to shoulder the burden of keeping the organizations together but to tightly knit them in all aspects that each perspective can respect. I've had many professional management positions (I've worked in irl management for about three years now, high stress and social managing is something I've done forever,)

What can you bring to this team?: Genuinely I'm sure to some degree you're all familiar with me except for a few I've never really idled around. I'm extremely tech savvy. I'm very likable on a professional level, I'm extremely dedicated to whatever I'd take serious and I enjoy implementing any and all creative ways for fun and genuine bonding. On a blunt basic level I truly enjoy most staff members, and my usefulness really comes from practical experience and hands on situations, for the most part I'm a Swiss army knife of sorts.

What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: I'm extremely assimilated I the community and in some scenarios that can be tricky,
I'm very efficient and will bug people to complete whatever they'd need completed. I think I have a ego, so please don't stroke it especially compliments as I am hyped up far too easily.

Anything else we need to know: I've done alot for the server so far, and I'd like to if possible continue doing alot on a more professional personal level with all of you.
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Re: Dembongos helper application

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Accepted! Welcome to the team!

why is there a radioactive symbol on this post!!!
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