Toro League: Adventures Info & FAQ

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Toro League: Adventures Info & FAQ

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⫼⨳⫼ Introduction:
The Toro region has become a beacon for people to begin a new life and adventure, every corner explored and inhabited. It’s time for a new adventure to begin.. In the far reaches of the southern ocean an uninhabited island chain lays untouched. The secrets the lands may hold and the resources it can provide are unknown.. A woman known as Professor Maple from the Toro region decided to leave all of her possessions behind in Toro and create an expedition to explore and settle a new region on this island..
This is the start of Toro League: Adventures
⫼⨳⫼ Information:
Toro League: Adventures aims to provide a Toro League experience you know and love in a brand new region. The biggest attraction to this experience is constructing the region’s town from scratch, beginning with nothing but the cargo ship that arrived from Toro to the island. With the island being untouched and unexplored this will prompt people to explore the new region to see what it offers. Secondly this island is half the size of Toro (roughly) thus roleplay will be much more localized and easier to enter/find than on Toro. This region will only have one town (due to size limitations) thus most roleplay will occur there, on the cargo ship, as well as in the wilderness. The feel of Toro League: Adventures roleplay will be that akin to a survival experience rather than the modern amenities most are accustomed to in Toro.
  1. Rules:
  2. All Standard Toro Rules & Common Sense Apply.
  3. Do not grief/steal, we have log plugins! No external moves in town either.
  4. If you don’t log into the server for 30 days, your items and property can be considered abandoned, and can therefore be up for grabs. - You can talk to the GMs with your plans, and send us updates through Discord to prevent this.
  5. Build rules -
    1. Keep the world pretty! No floating logs/leaves/dirt towers/etc.
    2. Standard mining/logging rules (from TL rules)
Use logical structural support in buildings where appropriate. You further agree that when mining, you will create logical mineshafts with a minimum of a 3x3 block tunnel with logical supports. For example, Minecraft generated mines use 4 fences and 3 wood planks.- AKA, no ‘Strip Mines'!
  • 5.Remember, this is a RP server first, and foremost. Keep it in mind for what your character can and can’t do! If your character can’t do something, it’s a good rp opportunity to interact with others!
  1. Why are you doing this to us KC?
    1. I want to try to do something new and inventive on Toro that’ll bring some new life into the server/community. I’ve heard from people that they’d be interested in such an idea, or even parts of it. As the majority don’t want to throw Toro to the wayside this is a good solution to this. I’m not trying to get people who are too busy for Toro to get on the server more often, rather, I’m doing this to get people back into Toro who lost interest.
  2. What is the name of the region?
    1. Who knows, it’ll be named through roleplay!
  3. Will this replace Toro?
    1. No, this is a side experience that is being tested/implemented as a way to breathe some new life into the server. Toro will be remaining up still, for now, and till the end of Minecraft!
  4. When is the setting/region like?
    1. This roleplay will be taking place during the same period as Toro, thus the date that Toro is in will be the same as the one in this roleplay. As for the region it’s in the southern oceans. While it’s not fully snowed over it’s still a colder climate, the only season it’s relatively warm is during late spring and summer. The rest of the time it’s a bit cold, especially at higher altitudes.
  5. How will housing work?
    1. Once enough buildings have been constructed resources will then be spent on housing. You will not be able to just buy a plot of land and magically get a house however. First you’ll need the materials needed for the home and then hire a construction worker. (I will try to make this not too complex/hard.)
  6. Can I bring my Toro characters into this?
    1. You could but it’s highly recommended that you create a new character for this as the plot and story of this region will not be too connected to Toro. I mainly want this to be a new experience that’s fresh for everyone. I am trying to avoid Toro characters coming here for a fun relaxing time where they can come build a summer home or something akin to that. If you do want to bring a character to Toro League: Adventures you will only be able to bring in one pixelmon.This pixelmon will be leveled down to level 5.
  7. Where will these new character profiles go?
    1. There we be a new section on the forums for Toro League: Adventures. Right here.
  8. Will there be a new discord server?
    1. I don’t want to make new servers for this and that, if anything it will just be a new section of channels within the pre-existing Toro League discord.
  9. What pixelmon will be available?
    1. We will be using Reforged which has all pixelmon from Generations 1-6 completed with their forms, minus Furfrou's coats. However there is no desert or jungle biome within Toro League: Adventures. Thus it is advised that if you want a specific pixelmon the most for a character that you make it their starter.
  10. But why would you make a region like that!!
    1. The biomes for this map are limited to create a more realistic environment and region. But also this gives us a large list of pixelmon that will be available in the future as Safari Zone Pixelmon. Information on the Safari Zone will be released when the project is being worked on. For now there is no further information about the Safari Zone.
  11. I’m not a good builder! Will I still be allowed to help construct the town?
    1. There are plenty of jobs that contribute to the town, and it’s growth without being a builder! (Ex. - Farmer/Miner/Lumberjack/Explorer/Waitress/Pokemon Breeder/Cheerleader!)
  12. What if my character idea isn’t really suited for one of those jobs?
    1. Keep in mind that this roleplay is about creating a region and settlement from the ground up, each character will play some role in this. Roleplay will help figure this out and help create a spot for them even if at first it feels like they do not fit in with the general theme.
  13. How is the leader of the region going to be decided? Can I be mayor? Can we have elections?
    1. There will be no elections on this server, instead there is a “NPC” mayor but the roleplay face of the region will be a secretary to the mayor. This character will be played by Rosy at the start, so people aren’t super lost. This can change with rp though, of course.
  14. How is money going to work? Will we be able to start businesses and do ICGM-Ms like on normal Toro?
    1. Bartering is heavily encouraged! There is going to be Pix though, but you’ll not be able to get it through farming drops, or idling and sitting on ICGM-Ms. There’ll be opportunities to earn chunks of Pix through odd-jobs and such. You can also always earn money through your business / job on the island, along with shops you set up.
    2. - For jobs that don’t have any Minecraft mechanic associated with it, like researchers, they’ll be asked to write up reports, discover interesting things, and report these findings to their boss to get payment!
  15. What kinds of events can we expect on this server? Will we get an evil team like CODEX or Noir?
    1. There will be no evil team as in previous events on Toro, I am adamant on trying to stick to this. While CODEX and Noir are very different teams they are still evil teams at the end of the day. I want to provide a different feel and different story than what Toro has offered. Without giving things away expect events to focus more on the survival aspect as well as exploration. (Ex; A bad storm hitting the island, trees falling over, building damage, etc. As for exploration think of exploring some uncovered ruins or exploring some cool uncovered cave system.)
  16. What major IC/OOC differences do I need to be aware of for this server from Original Toro?
    1. Aside from what we’ve already established, all of the existing rules of Toro apply in terms of OOC rules, and many of the IC rules. Some big differences include:
  • No Melinda’s ( AKA: No buying Shinies )
  • No NPC shops
  • No ICGM-Ms
  • One Settlement.
  • Serene Seasons
  • World Guard disabled for messing with the wilderness (Do not grief.)
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Re: Toro League: Adventures Info & FAQ

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Systems unique to Toro League: Adventures
------⫼ Economy ⨳ Jobs ⨳ Crafting ⫼-------
  • ● There will be no 'recycling center' for loot that your characters have received, though you are encouraged to barter/sell drops with other characters, or use them yourself! There will also be 'quests' from Characters who will pay for certain goods on occasion! Such as collecting fruits, materials, or certain Pokemon!

    ● Rather than just get ICGM-Ms, more Rp-focused jobs (writers, musicians, researchers etc) will be expected to actually roleplay out or write things up to submit to us (ICly that being the mayor) to receive money for it.
    - Some examples of work these roleplay jobs can do:
    • -Writers can consider working on a newspaper/advertising posts/fiction writing.
      - Artisans can use sign pictures, use chisel and bits for sculptures, create and lore up items, and generally roleplay out what their job is in public - such as improv plays/ being hired to play music.
      - Researchers and other scientifically minded folk can write up their research from exploration.
      Example: A Pixelmon Professor should write blurbs and reports about the Pixelmon of the area, and send it to Professor Maple. They can then be paid by blurb, and or in bigger chunks per discovery.
    ● Despite no ICGM-Ms, Shops are encouraged to open still! Bartering is good but hard to do while offline!

    'Loring' items can be done by everyone!
    • - Add lore to artisan items, add descriptions to your food, describe the uses of medicine, and such!
      - You can also rename your items in an Anvil with &f and &8 so the name isn't italicized.
      - Colorful name are reserved for Event Items, or Special Items crafted through rp & moderation!
    Example: If your character wishes to give their friend an extra-special gift of a fancy necklace, the jewerly maker can rp out the process of making it / detailing it, give up some materials, and then we'll color it!
    • Commands: /lore add, set, edit, clear, insert, delete
    -For this freedom, we simply ask you please be reasonable, such as, no godly, magical items, please!-

    We're happy to work with you to transfer rp to something more tangible! Such as, if you craft a flute in character, we'll happily provide you a flute if you have proper materials. Or if you wish to have a business of selling sleep powder from your Butterfree, we can work something out for that to keep it balanced and fair!
    • Example: - Blacksmiths can RP out their crafting and get enchanted gear in return, to represent their in-character skills - and make it different/better than some regular fella doing it.
    By the way, you have access to /pc now. Treat it like you're storing them on you or something.
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Re: Toro League: Adventures Info & FAQ

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  • Latch only works for Vanilla chests - so keep that in mind.
    Known Decocraft incompatibilities:
    • - Our Logs can't access it - so keep your valuables tucked away somewhere safer!
      - Carry On removes the contents of Decocraft items. So, use a chest.
      - Using Carry On with a prop lets you place it in more condensed, nicer places, but PLEASE break the invisible blocks left behind! You can use your hand. Keep things tidy though, please! Our Logs can tell.
    Pixelmon NPCs are spawning? They won't go away!! I hate them! Ignore them, they're useless.

Please update if there's most issues that need to be known!
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