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[F.A.Q] New Player Guide

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:37 pm
by Rosy
Welcome to Toro!

After you’re whitelisted, or if you’re just returning the server, you might be confused on where to start. Here is some stuff you can start with! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in Discord, or in game!

Table of Contents
Beginner Resources
Notable Lore
Server Information

Useful Links
• Server rules •
• Whitelist Application •
• Game mechanics VS IC Lore •


Outside of roleplay, our community interacts with each other on the Discord the most; a large number announcements and a lot of information is posted there! It’s incredibly active and a good place to speak with others- whether it be to find some rp, discuss your characters, or to talk about whatever! This also means any questions or problems will be brought to our attention faster there. We highly recommend joining to better enjoy our server!

[F.A.Q] New Player Guide - Beginner Resources

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:50 pm
by Rosy
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IntroductionBeginner ResourcesNotable LoreServer InformationCommands
Beginner Resources
What exactly is Toro?
Toro is a modded roleplay server based around an original region called Toro, taking place in an alternate Pokemon universe before modern times in what we describe as a ‘retro-cool’ setting.

This universe is set apart from the games so characters like Professor Oak, Ash Ketchum, and Giovanni, don’t exist. The technology and aesthetics wise we're somewhere closer to the 50s-60s, before Flatscreen TVs, Cellphones, Music Players, DVDs, Computers - Outside of typical Pokemon use of course!

Toro is also a progressive server & country though, so wearing anything beyond a suit 24/7 is totally acceptable (just no hoodies and headphones please) , and people are accepting of all, regardless of gender, race, sexuality and such!

How do I join?
You can join by filling out the Whitelist Application found here to the Whitelist Applications subforum!

Can I have another character?
If you wish to create a new character on a new account, post a thread in the Character Profiles subforum with your new character’s profile. You can only have one character per account, and you must wait for the new character to be accepted before playing them.

Where it says to put your Minecraft Name please let us know if it's a new account so we know to whitelist it. There is also no need to create a new forums account for the new Minecraft account, please keep all of your minecraft accounts on the same forums account.

If you wish to replace your old character you can either soft-reroll or hard-reroll your character. To do this create a new character profile and specify that you want to re-roll, what type of re-roll you’re doing, and the account you’re rerolling. You can more information on this under 2.6 in the server rules.

What’s “Pix”?
Pix is the currency of the server, and is a word used to replace ‘Poke’ sometimes!

Where can I build?
You can build in your character’s homes; you can rent a home in one of the towns by talking to their mayors oocly or icly! You can view a little bit of information about towns and their homes here. Otherwise, if you're interested in building anywhere else, you can ask a GM about it! Though, unless if it's something like a small camp or a tent, it'll likely not be allowed without good RP behind it.

Note, please do follow the rules of the town or location you’re allowed to build in. Generally, you’re not allowed to change the exterior of your home too much (with the exception of the garden) without asking permission.

Where can I find (Pixelmon / Object)?
We encourage players to ICly ask other characters if they’re looking for a specific Pixelmon for object. There are many nesting areas for Pixelmon on specific areas of the map, but we encourage players to ICly ask other characters or to explore! Be sure to check the Aurelia Department store!

Can I help with lore / building / event stuff too?
Player input and suggestions are encouraged by the GMs, and if you want to help with lore you can fill out one of the forms in the appropriate thread in the Toro Lore subforum! We suggest you speak to a GM as you work on the form. If you wish to help with anything staff related such as applications, building, coordinating events, or more, you can find the applications for different staff positions here to fill out after staying with the server for some time!

Alternatively, if you only wish to do small one-off mini-events you think of, you can just contact a staff about it. We’re open to helping you create events, and a guide on creating such mini-events can be found here.

Modpack Set-Up
TBA! What will be here: What’s needed to run Toro, main mod(s), recommended mods, optional mods, link to tekkit. For now, information on downloading our modpack can be found in the Discord! We have a modpack up on the Technic Launcher, but the Discord also provides individual links. Read the #rules-and-resources channel in the Discord.

Toro Activities
In case you got on but aren't exactly sure what there is to do, here's a few things. Of course there's much more, but it's just some basic things in no particular order!
  • ● Explore Towns
    ● Establish & work towards your character's dream job
    ● Get a home and decorate it.
    ● Meet with Regional Professor Lily [Player: Salsa]
    ● Capture & train Pokemon
    ● Find the fun easter eggs around the map
    ● Make friends!

Quick Money Guide
● Jobs: Your character can get a job which will give you a stable way to earn pix each week. A good way to find one is IC speaking with a character who works at one of the various Job Centers around Toro, they can help recommend jobs both on and off the list that would better suit your character.

Job Center Employee(s)
• Mimi LeGrand [Player: Rosy]
• Lizette [Player: Misha]

Alternatively, you can look through the Public Job Spreadsheet yourself, but if there’s nothing that suits your character we recommend speaking with a Job Center Employee. You can even just ask around ICly or wander till you find a place you want to work.

● Owning a Business: Any player is allowed to make their own business with a bit of roleplay. If you get an idea of something you want to do, you can speak to one of the mayors about opening a business in their town. If your character doesn’t have enough pix for what they want to do, most mayors are willing to negotiate, or you could even reach out and ask others ICly for support starting it.

● Pixelmon Drops: Most shopkeeper NPCs you see around will let you sell various drops you can get from fighting pokemon. Notably, this method of making money should not considered IC; instead you can say your character does various small jobs around Toro.

● Fishing & Farming: You can pass time and earn some pix by getting a normal fishing pole and selling them at the market in Adamas. Also in a few cities there’s a public farm where you can save money by eating (and possibly cooking) what you get there rather than having to buy food or crops.

Housing Information
Your character can rent a home or apartment to live in, or even possibly own one in enough time if you work and save up enough.

Temporary Housing
● Pokemon Centers: Your character can stay in the Pokemon Centers in any town for free! Generally this can be found on the second floor or higher in most centers. It does not have secure storages, but it’s at least some place for you character to lie down at night icly. You should be able to use the decocraft storages and such there- just can't blame anyone if it's stolen!

● Government Housing: For the first three or so weeks your character is in Toro, or until your character gets a home or job, your character can be provided a temporary apartment in Aurelia from the government. If you want this please contact a GM or the mayor of Aurelia to help you set one up!

● Cheap Hotels: There's some places where your character can stay in a place for cheap that's secure even if you can't decorate it or alter it much. One of these places is The Sleepy Sunflora in Canvas which costs 500 pix a season for a room- just ask Misha to set that up!

● Sprocket: In Cobalt there's a small area hidden away where people can just claim places as wanted. If there's any available places you can just walk in and claim it as your own- generally by putting a sign outside the door showing it's not available. While you can technically stay there long term, if it's used there's no guarantee your stuff still stay safe- especially without locks!

Permanent Housing
Walk to ask around till you find out where you want to live and then speak to the mayor! The thread linked not only gives an idea of the rent you may pay, but also has a list of various facilities each town has.

If you want a bigger home but don’t earn enough, something that’s always fun is having roommates for your character; talk with others and plan out something!

[F.A.Q] New Player Guide - Notable Lore

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:01 pm
by Rosy
Table of Contentslore
IntroductionBeginner ResourcesNotable LoreServer InformationCommands
Notable Lore
Time Progression
Progression of Toro’s time is relatively simple. Every Real Life week is an In Game season (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall). Every Spring is a new year. Because there are 52 weeks a year, there are 13 in game years per IRL year. In addition, Toro has about 4 days per IRL day, and 28 in game days per season. Please ask a Toro Member for help if you still need further elaboration.

In addition, we have a bot (Pory the Porygon) to help you with keeping track of your character’s age. Simply run /help in the Toro Discord (preferably the Bot Channel) and you can get started.

Regions & Locations
In this server, place like France, England, Japan, and other real-life locations do not exist. However, in our universe we like to compare existing locations IRL to some of the regions in the Pokemon games based on their essence- so Kalos is would be an analogue to French. In addition, we have even created original regions too that can be compared to other real-life locations. Information on a few of the original regions can be found here.

Here’s a list of regions in our server’s universe, as well as their real-life analogues:
Mega Pokemon
In Toro Lore, Mega Stones are a semi-recent discovery founded in Toro. Toro's credited with first getting them, figuring them out, along with being the place with the most sightings. Although other Mega Stones have shown up throughout the world, although they are incredibly rare.

- To get them on server you get them through personalized events! We request that they get them after they've formed a strong bond with their Pokemon of choice, and has been seen RPing that.

But the short of it is you may have ONE Mega Pokemon per character. Once you’ve gotten your Mega Stone, message a GM so you can get your Keystone unlocked. Just be sure that THIS is the Mega you’ll want, because while there will be a way to swap your Mega, it’s not an easy process ICly, and the ETs might get mad if they have to run 4 Mega Events for your ONE character.

You can find a form here: [HERE] do say if you want a certain ET to run it, or if you've submitted it.

Quick note for IC interactions: The Term “Mega Evolution” isn’t unanimously accepted. People ICly call it different things, such as Fabulous Evolution, Evolution Plus, Burst Evolution, and so on.

These crystals, in lore, are still pretty tied to Alola. They have strict import and export laws, meaning nobody can take them out from the islands. They have found their way to Toro somehow though! Ask around ICly on how your character can acquire one.

Here’s the big one. Legendary Pokemon are NOT OBTAINABLE in Toro. With the exception of some released through special means, Toro does not allow the obtaining of Legendaries OR Most Mythicals. Legendaries in lore are considered Gods, with religions surrounding them. Not every Legendary has their own dedicated religion (Such as the Four Swords being a subset of Arceus, or the Birds of Lugia, or the Dogs of Ho-oh). If you can’t find anything in our Religion Section on it, check with a member of Lore Team to see what’s up, never just assume.

Technology in Toro is a rather tricky topic. Toro has PCs, but they're solely for Pokemon management rather than the PCs we have IRL, and we don't have the Cell Phones, just as an example. The technology is comparable to the 1950’s-1970’s eras of America/Canada in the real world. While we may have something that doesn’t QUITE fit that, such as the Pokemon technology, we are generally keeping this aesthetic for the server. The most important thing to remember is if you’re even a little unsure it never hurts to ask someone else like a Staff Member.

Unique Pokemon / Systems

An important thing to note is that there are some Pokemon & systems that just don’t exist or aren't known in any way outside of people who had personal experiences in roleplay. Here’s a short list.
      • ● Mewtwo
        ● Genesect
        ● Type: Null/Silvally
        ● Black/White Kyurem
        ● Necrozma & Ultra Necrozma
        ● Dynamaxing
Again, these don’t exist AT ALL, so there’s no way anyone would know about them in any form or fashion in RP, including but not limited to myths or ancient depictions.

Ultra Beasts
They are Pokemon from parallel worlds and only started to exist in Toro recently after showing up several IC years ago. They were known to be incredibly aggressive as there were frequent attacks in both Toro and Alola. Ultra Beasts aren't well known, and those that do know about them exclusively call them 'Paramon'.

The Paraspace Research Initiative was set up as a response. After several years of destructive and random appearances by Paramon, the crisis was averted by an expedition to the home of one of the most dangerous Paramon, and since then there have been no sightings of the creatures or the portals they come from. Toro is the center of research on the subject, and controls the only known means of access to what have been dubbed 'Paraspaces'. Public Information on them can be found here: ... sp=sharing

[F.A.Q] New Player Guide - Server Information

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:40 pm
by Misha
Table of Contentsserver
IntroductionBeginner ResourcesNotable LoreServer InformationCommands
Server Information
Toro's Timezone
Toro is an EST (Eastern Standard Time) based server! A decent chunk of players and staff are on EST or at least close to it, so we normally mean this if not specified for an event; we try our best to note it though. There are still a decent amount of people who are out of the US or who are night owls to interact with though!

Maxing out IVs
One of the things Toro offers is maxing out the IVs of your Pokemon for free, or near maxing them out (for Hidden Power use). To do this, go to the Battle Tower in Aurelia and use the appropriate NPC to up it. If you don't know where this is you can ask other players. If a specific 31/30 spread for a specific Hidden Power is needed feel free to ask the GMs!

Obtaining Shinies
There are a few ways to get shinies on Toro, and all of them are free (in terms of real life money). You could trade with another player, catch them in the wild, or purchase them. However purchasing them has some rules. In order to get a Pokemon turned into a Shiny, you’ll need to have 100,000 Pix (The in game currency), and the Pokemon in question must be freshly hatched (AKA: Level 1). What this means is Egg Moves, Natures, Abilities, Size, and Gender are all on you to get. Once you’ve bred that perfect Pokemon and have the money, contact a GM to get you all set!

Dynamic Map
Toro has a Dynamic Map System, or Dynmap to help you navigate the somewhat confusing region. Check out to use it.

While we do have a Dynmap, it’s a good idea to go more in depth with methods of getting around. Looking at the map, you can see it’s kind of big. Maybe not as big as some servers, but it’s pretty big, and can get pretty confusing. You have your typical methods of transportation, such as the use of Pokemon for land, air, and sea travel, but we also employ the use of Subways for basically teleporting between cities. All cities have a subway, with the exception of Adamas, and all Subways lead back to Aurelia, which is the Grand Central Station.

In Toro, the Gym Challenge is open for people of any age or level to participate in- eventually leading up to Toro's Pokemon League and becoming the Champion if you so desire! All of those involved- the Gym Leaders, E4, and Champion- are all other players to try and make it as engaging as possible. If you're interested in fighting the Gyms more information can be found at the following link:

Lore Team & Lore Channel
Lore Team is a group of select players and staff members who are dedicated to helping Toro make sense, but we can’t think of everything to define. As such, we have a channel in the Discord called #lore-questions. This channel is where you can post a question, or browse through the index to see if it’s already answered. Please make sure to follow the rule for that chat though, it’s not a discussion room. We have an entire section on the forums dedicated for Lore as well, right here:

If you want to talk to a Lore Team Member directly to ask a question in private, here’s our list of Lore Team members:

[F.A.Q] New Player Guide - Have Fun!

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:41 pm
by Misha
Have Fun!

If you still have more questions or concerns, feel free to bring it up by saying so in the Discord, posting a topic, PMing a staff member, or asking in game! I hope you enjoy the time you spend on Toro, and if you haven't applied yet, I wish you luck with your application!

Table of Contents
Beginner Resources
Notable Lore
Server Information

Useful Links
• Server rules •
• Whitelist Application •
• Game mechanics VS IC Lore •