Toro's Region List

For any and all info regarding all the regions in the Toro lore, from Toro and Unova to Alkir and Lyuskoy

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Toro's Region List

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In this server, places like France, England, Japan, and other real-life locations do not exist. However, we like to compare locations in real-life to some of the regions in the Pokemon games- so Kalos would be an analogue to France. In addition, we have even created original regions too that can be compared to other real-life locations.

Here’s a list of regions that are canon in our server’s universe and their real-life analogues if there is one:

Main Series
Kanto [Japan]
Johto [More Japan]
Sinnoh [Mix of Japan / Slavic Regions]
Unova [America]
Kalos [France]
Alola [Hawaii]
Galar [England]
Paldea [Spain]

Spin-Off Series
Orre [Texas]

Regions exclusive to Toro!

Alkir [Middle East]
Arenisca [Mexico]
Artesia [Afghanistan/Kazakhstan]
Avalon [Great Britain]
Isles of Avalon [Ireland]
Lyuskoy [Russia]
Schieferwald [Germany]
Green Islands [Cuba]
Renowa [Samoa]
Milano [Italy]
Rasilla [India]
Tiānguo [China]
Holova [The Netherlands]
Emmones [Greece]
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