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Welcome to Toro!

There it was in front of you, beckoning you with naive hopes and unfulfilled dreams. The green horizon breaks through the morning fog as rays of sunlight kiss the ocean tides. A flock of Wingull fly just overhead, revealing a soft rainbow peeking through the crevices of a storm cloud on its final days.

You've got a good feeling about this place.
You know it's going to be unlike any adventure you've ever faced.


Running since 2013, Toro League is a serious Text Roleplay Pixelmon server in a retro-cool setting. We are a very close-knit community whose focus is fun and creativity, and the server is a canvas for you to paint your character's story on. Our goal is to give you the tools to jump into a shared world and make an amazing story. To help get immersed we have a beautiful hand-crafted map, various game-enhancing mods, a creative event team, and much more!

Whether you want an incredible Pixelmon adventure, a chill slice-of-life experience, or something completely different, we have tools for all sorts of different tastes. If you like the idea of making a story with others, join us- we will be happy to have more people to have fun with!

• No Cash Shop; there's no pay to win! •
• Heavy RP Focus, you don't need to battle to have fun! •
• Find your dream home to decorate in one of the 8 towns! •
• Unique Meta (Banned Legendaries, restricted and balanced mythicals)! •
• Custom regional variants and unique special textures for Pokemon! •
• Challenging 8 Player Gyms, Elite Four, and More! •
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Additional Features

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