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Postby Sn0wfa11 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:43 am

"-and that was the weather! Looking like it'll be a VERY sunny week! Up next, a report on Toro's beautiful farms! Why are our Miltank so healthy? What makes our Tauros so strong? Why are our Farfetch'd so..." The cheerful television news anchor pauses awkward and peers at the teleprompter off-camera. Someone on the writing team is getting yelled at later. "...fond of sticks? Can anything threaten the tranquility of Toro's farms? Stay tuned, folks, after the commercial!" The morning anchor's cheery voice is replaced by an ad for a major pharmaceutical company's new line of cute Jigglypuff Band-Aids. Aw!


Hi everyone! Sorry for the late notice- I only recently figured out the schedule opening needed for this event to proceed and then real life and other administrative stuff here got in the way of posting this announcement- and then I drafted a better announcement and accidentally deleted it. But! This Friday at 6:30 EDT we will be having an event! I recommend you all come, and it will move us toward some fun and exciting new developments that I think everyone will really enjoy and get a lot of rp out of! Hope to see you there!
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