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Postby kcband36 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:58 pm

Hello new friends and old!

If you don't mind us taking a few minutes of your time, we'd like to share our thoughts and hopefully clear up a few questions that might be floating around.


It has been a long time in the making, but, the release of Toro League Server 1.10.2 is finally upon us. Along with this update comes a slew of new content and pixelmon, all of Gen 1-4 are in already with only a few missing from 5-7! This update will be one of the biggest things to happen to Toro and will rejuvenate the community and create a rich new world to explore!


Release Information
Toro League will finally be updating on Friday, December 1st. Hopefully things will be moved over smoothly and not much will break, the only thing missing will be the dynmap which requires Erik. There will be an event on Friday 6:30~ pm (EST) that will launch our server for official release. None of your data will be lost and you keep all your items and pixelmon.

Keep in mind, that his release might still have a few issues and bumps in the road as we move forward. So please be sure to inform anyone on staff or GM about issues that are found, either on server, the discord help chat, or a PM on the forums. The GM team and the rest of staff have worked hard this November to release the update and ensure that it is as bug free as possible and runs smoothly. Overall, the experience on the Toro 1.10.2 Server should be similar to our 1.7.10 server but only enhanced. I hope it was truly worth the wait for some of our long term players!

Pixelmon Spawning
With the addition of so many new pixelmon we wanted to do something interesting and make some of them special in certain ways. For example Trubbish will not naturally spawn, instead, you must go out in the world and explore for them. Once you find them then you’ll always be able to find them there since that is their nest. Nests are not a new concept for Toro and have existed for awhile now, however, now some of the new pixelmon will only be found at their respective nest. Some nests will even have some really interesting lore behind them instead of just a pretty place to commonly find a certain pixelmon!

Mega Evolution & Alolan Forms
Currently Mega Evolutions and Alolan Forms are not planned to be released at launch, do not worry though. Both of these long awaited features will be arriving soon in Toro, the staff just wishes to introduce them in great events. Each of the Alolan Forms will arrive in Toro through their own events and the Mega Evolution mechanic will be introduced with a story arc long in the making. So please bear with us for a little longer, thank you!

Discord chat
As many of you already know, we have switched from using a skype chat to using Discord, if you do not have the link to this discord please just as any person on staff and they should be able to get you it!

Rolling and Emoting
At this time as of launch we do not have a rolling plugin similar to what we had in the 1.7.10 server, thus if there needs to be rolling it will need to be done off server. Currently this issue is being looked at by the GM team and we will let everyone know what our official solution to rolling will be. Secondly we no longer have the ability to emote the way we did previously using *. Instead we suggest that you emote however seems more natural, over time one preference more than likely will overtake the server instead of us having to make a hard rule.

Chisel and Bits
One of the biggest mods that we lost during the update and transition to 1.10.2 was Carpenter's Blocks. This mod was widely used all over the server and was a staple in building. However, it was never able to transition into newer versions, thus we had to find an alternative. That is how we came to get Chisel and Bits, or C&B for short. C&B does not offer some of the same things as Carpenter’s Blocks such as doors and pots, but, it offers a wider range of building abilities. Once the server opens up it will be apparent just what this mod can do in great hands!

Roleplay Battling vs Mechanical Battling
In the past, more so during the tail ends of Team Noir, the server favorited roleplay battles instead of mechanical, while they will still exist, the GM team wants to shift the focus back to mechanical battling once more. With battling being much smoother and stable, less buggy over all, it is something viable that can be done and enjoyed with. The addition of new AIs to the Pixelmon trainers also opens a lot of possibilities. While it won’t open at launch, the Battle Tower will finally be opening up using this new AI to give it a challenge without having to resort to hacked pixelmon. I would also like to mention that Toro has eight gyms now, that is all I will be saying on that topic.

Concluding Statements
Thank you to everyone who has stuck with Toro this far, it has been a long ride to get to this update but it has been worth the wait. It makes the GM team, and even staff, excited to reveal and create new content that we all can enjoy!

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Postby Rosy » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:22 am

Some additions to the post:
Melinda's Services
With the new addition of NPCs to the mod, Melinda will be closing down her shops.
SO: Melidnas won't be selling Pixelmon anymore. Move-tutors and Relearning will be done through NPCs.
For the moment Move Tutoring will still be avalibable via GM as we work to set up these NPCs, but in the future, we're hoping players can fully reply on the NPCs.

What does this mean for bought Shiny Pixelmon?
Well we have some good news! To promote players breeding, exploring, and trading, we have decided on a new system.
For a FLAT RATE, for 100kt Pix( no matter color ), you can pay to have a newly bred, level 1 Pixelmon baby, turned shiny.

This is a good change, before you had to choose between aesthetics, or stats and such. Now, you can breed the perfect IV, nature, gender, whatever you want, and still have a shiny that is special to your character!

We will not be launching with Bibliocraft. It is unfortunate, but during building and tests of the server, it ended up crashing the server and corrupting the chunks they were in. This was tested with fresh maps and all. This is a huge loss, as even chisel and bits can't replace things like big books, or fancy signs, but there is nothing we can do at this current time. We will be looking into it in the future, especially if there are any fixes to the most.

SignPictures has officially been added to the server, and it will be a global mod.Please follow these rules.
To replace the Bibliocraft Paintings, use these:
Custom paintings. | Bibliocraft paintings.

At this re-launch, we will not have all the shops open, player shops especially will need to be remade.
That's alright though! We have a new fancy shop plugin that is easy to use, and very efficent.
PlayersShopsRpg. How it works is that you walk into the store and do /shop browse - and you'll be able to buy things from your chat! This is great, because there is now no more accidental purchases of a stack of toilets, and shops can now use their space efficiently, focusing on rp over space! They can even sell chiseled items.

We will be working hard over the next days to get shops up and running, but right now all the town's banks should be operational, the pawn-stores and such loot shops open, and the Aurelia department store should have the essentials! If you need help opening a store, please contact Rosy or Mishakiara - asking in the Discord chat would be the best.

Your Stuff.
You may or may not know this, but every single modded item needed to be replaced. From blocks, to items.
From our Discord wrote: I will try to be around in attempt to help you, especially with lored items, but it'd be very much appreciated if you can handle any other extra grubbins, involving your inventory and storage - such as chests of food, double chests of TMs ( which is a personal pain to replace, given that it's not obvious what is what ) and such.

This is still true, it'd be very wonderful if you volunteer to help replace your own stuff - and even more wonderful if you offer to help replace other people's things.

We will be having a separate server which will be running our 1.7.10 map, so transferring stuff that is in chests will be less painful than having to screenshot every TM.

We need to replace them for the most part, so subways are down, but there is also no fly lag!
Tell me if:
- You need permissions
=You had multiple homes
- You're missing any donator perks.
= Your shinies are messed up.
- You need something regioned. ( this is our plugin btw : GriefProtection )
= Anything is crashing / broken
- You have any questions!
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