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Postby RiaLangset » Tue May 23, 2017 8:23 pm

Hey Toro League Players!

I first wish to state that the economy of the server is never going to be perfect, ever. Nor do we really wish to try. It’s a terrible waste of everyone’s time to try to balance and perfect an imaginary economy for an imaginary server. We are going to be introducing, however, a bandaid to fix a few gaping issues.

When cities began and set their rents, it was generally eyeballed. While this worked well, as more towns appeared, a very unbalanced system occurred. I will fully blame Tyrian and myself for the most obvious discrepancies. At the time, when 5 homes were only available to staff and donators, the rent seemed fine. Now that more homes are available, and that people had begun taking advantage of it, the balance had been entirely thrown off. Aurelia was too expensive to live and have your own store, and Tyrian was too cheap, and all other towns sort of bubbled in their own rules.

The mayors have come together and come up with a better way to estimate rents, and to keep each other in check in terms of actually keeping track and collecting it. On June 4th, rent on each house will be adjusted. Please talk with your mayor about the adjustment and if you need extra time to gather funds if your home has increased in price. NOT ALL APARTMENTS/HOMES are going to be increased in rent, some will actually go downward. This system ensures that there are houses at low prices in each town, and make sure that the prices are consistently fair.

To counteract this, paychecks in general are going to be fixed. A minimum wage has been properly set, and high pay rates for more difficult IC jobs will be a better incentive for players to apply themselves further than simply finding an easy job that pays minimum wage. As another incentive, shop spaces in all cities have had their prices lowered, to encourage players to start their own businesses.

To add to this upcoming fix, All IC-GM-Ms are going to be remade. The current system is flooded with outdated IC-GM-Ms, and money going to places it shouldn’t. All store owners, employees (private and government), and government assistance recipients will need to be active and rewrite their IC-GM-M needs when the new form is available.

We apologize for the sudden changes, however, everyone who is active and contacts Rosy, KC, Chak, Ria, Queso, and Mish with any questions they may have will adjust just fine. Once the new IG-GMs are ready to be made, we are ready and willing to help you. Questions concerning rent, contact your mayor, or any mayor if it’s a general question.

Stay amazing, and please don't burn down the government building

Rent prices are being changed, they should be more consistent and fair. Shop prices are going down, and a minimum wage is set for full-time work. Have any questions? Ask the government people or the mayors.
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Postby Foska » Tue May 23, 2017 8:33 pm

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Postby Mishakiara » Wed May 24, 2017 2:10 am

Also Important
Along with all that, we will now have the Toro Rent sheet available for public! With this you can check if you paid rent, what towns have available homes, and how much those houses cost. In addition, the Directory can help give you an idea of the town's pricing range or who to contact.

In addition, all the residents of Cobalt and Carmine will have their rent up to June 10th paid! This is to account for the fact IC-GMs will have to be re-setup and their characters might not get paid for a little while, plus it will give you time to either sort out your job situation, or to move to a place you can better afford.
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