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Postby Sn0wfa11 » Wed May 24, 2017 1:44 am

Yes that's right folks who read the thread title- Toro will soon be host to a mysterious nondescript thing of possibly great value, hidden behind a painfully long series of obscure but ultimately understandable clues, riddles, dead ends, and other indications that I really liked the movie National Treasure featuring Nicholas Cage, which is probably not a hint as to how to solve the mystery! What could the treasure be? Money? Power? A demon? The satisfaction of victory and the meaning of friendship? Who knows?? Well, I do. Only me, in fact, so the other GMs and staff are just as confused as everyone else by this and that means they too can participate.

In other words, as a side event that may or may not be relevant to other things in Toro but will certainly be worth your while, I'm going to be setting up exactly such a treasure hint through a convoluted and painful series of clues throughout Toro very soon! You'll receive IC notification soon- more on that later- but this is an OOC teaser of what's to come, and a space for me to explain that this is not going to be like ordinary events where content is intended to be revealed at once and to many people. While I'd love for multiple people to find this treasure, if you start making your way through the clues, you won't have to tell anyone: it's a treasure hunt and a race, NOT a traditional event. However, I would encourage everyone to try, as it will be fun regardless and be something to bring us all together IC and OOC in solidarity over its difficulty and be something to do, to discuss, etc.

On the matter of traditional events, however, there will be more on that soon as well. Mini events will start popping up right away, so do hop on, and there should be major plot developments within the very near future (ie, this week and weekend, so don't touch that dial kids!) that will kick off events chaining across the rest of the year! Events have been slow due to OOC busyness the last few months but that is about to change dramatically!

Expect further updates very soon (tomorrow).

1- Magical infuriating treasure hunt starting soon!
2- Appearing at reasonable hours (or unreasonable ones too maybe) on the server in the near future could net you micro and mini event surprises!
3- Big surprises for all coming soon, related to those mini events!

I hope you're all ready for a fun summer here in Toro, and wish you all the best summer fun IRL as well <3 Keep smiling and rping!
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