Idols and Liars. [ May 13th ]

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The Story Thus Far.

It started out as a simple dig, a break from the museums and speeches, a break from finding nothing but bones, dust, and the bottom of empty bottles. That was until a literal break through came in. Something Noobleck was given so long ago, it was missing, lost, gone, but he knew where...

The Toro Region, a lush and usually happy island full of people that quite literally jumped and gathered when the call from help came from a complete stranger. Starting with a Mister Dreamer, a museum, and a dig funded by Ferrite to unearth one of the ancient and buried ruins of a Regigigas temple, a tomb of sorts. There the idol and book was found. The idol however wasn't complete. The piece was stolen, the piece that would either bring peace to the restless souls locked away in the tomb to this day, or raise it from the earth that had become a tomb all it's own; and with it, something the book called a New Coming.

Today Noobleck was busy at work translating the music book, and old and ancient form of Unovan that had been lost to the ages. But oh did he have it, yes it was coming, his pen flying, coffee guzzled, the words practically flew from his mind and onto the paper. He was slowly starting to uncover the secrets, the lyrics... "And there! It's finally finished, by the Gigas, we've done it we have!" He laughed and danced around, then remembered his assistant had left ages ago. "Oh, right, well it's just you now Noobleck. Now where did that Dreamer fella put the key..."

Ferrite was a peaceful town for the most part, brightly lit and inviting. Though even the brightest light put off it's own shadow. Much like the book Noobleck had been slaving over, this shadow hid it's own secret. A pair of eyes, watching his every move...


Well folks it's been a long time coming but we're finally ready to get rolling. Between finishing up my college finals and newly found job this event had been put on a bit of hiatus which honestly gave me time to fix up a few details and finalize a few details but no sir we are ready to get cooking. Now this will probably be a pretty long bit depending how people react and what questions are had if any. If not enough people can make it we will of course post phone until more people can be around.

It will be on May 13th, 6:30 EST in Ferrite! A broadcast will of course go out before hand.

Hope to see you guys there!
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