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Eager to play new, quirky characters, build, or create events? Apply here!

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What does the Event Team do?
The Event Team - or ET as we shorten it to - are responsible for the events that go around Toro. They help with Toro's main plot, and help with lesser Story Arcs with writing it up, acting in the events, and just building it! ET are also responsible for doing mini-events whenever there's some people on, helping people with their own events, making skins and posters, and helping other teammates with their events! You are subject to learning spoilers often about the main story, and tasked with keeping those secrets safe.

Event Team members are tasked with still upholding our basic requirements for all our staff, which includes a good professional personality when it is needed, good work-ethic, helpfulness, and the ability not to get tempted by the fact that they get access to powerful commands.

Event Team Qualifications
    * Problem Solving
    * Creativity
    * Handling a bit of chaos & improv

    You can read more here on these old threads: [ET-A] [ET-B] [ET-C]
Please make a thread titled ____'s ET Application and fill out this application if you want to apply!

Event Team Application

Code: Select all
Preferred Name:
MC Username:
Time Zone:
Number of hours available:
How long you have been playing on Toro League:

Why do you want to join Event Team?:
Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?:
What can you bring to this team?: [[i]Anything[/i] and [i]everything[/i] that you can do that makes you more useful to the team! It can be story writing, skin creating, redstone, plugins, default minecraft commands/functions, poster creating, event acting/building/planning, etc.]
Examples: [If your skills involve something that can have examples such as skins, posters, or builds.]   
What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?:

Have you ran or helped with any Toro events before?: [Adding what event(s), or type(s) of event(s), will help us get a better idea of the work you have done.]
Have you helped with any other parts of the event process?: [Building, planning, acting, etc.]
Are you capable of running or helping in events with a higher number of players?: [#+ estimated players]
Are you capable of running combat-oriented events?:

Now, create an event and write at least a one paragraph summary. Then, complete the following questions:
(1) Describe any effects or props that would be needed and how to implement them.
(2) Write a basic outline for a character to be used in an event. Essentially, an actor should be able to read it and become the character you want them to.
(3) Create a list of ten emotes to be used in the event.

Anything else we need to know:

There will be a test you will be put through before you will be accepted into the Event Team!
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