⚜ Cobalt Fundraiser - [Sept. 9th-10th]

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"Surfs up this week in the wettest town of Toro! Cobalt host a circus like you've never seen before in four days of radical fun. This fundraiser will help get the new museum up and running and promises things for the entire family. From rides to deep sea diving, to a special series of games. A water type contest for the coordinators out there with prizes for all, and a surprise main event! It's bound to have everything you want and more! Don't be fooled into thinking this your normal circus for there's something swimming under the waves here folks. We hope to see you there. Don't forget your swimming trunks!"

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To raise funds for finishing the Cobalt Marine Musuem & Gallery, the mayor is throwing a circus event! September 9th - 10th
Hey, another weekend hub! You guys know the drill by now, there's going to be exclusive shops, mini-events, player events, npcs, games, and some bigger events!

Please contact Rosy anytime before the 8th here, in pm, skype, discord, or even In-Game, about if you want to set up a stall, host an activity, or anything else you might want to do that pertains to this mini event-hub! If you had an idea that needs a little help, we'll be happy to help! Naturally you can do something spontaneously, in accordance to the Mini-Event guidelines, such as holding a little concert. Something like setting up a booth would need my permission though.

Event Plans:
( All times are in EST & are subject to change.)

    9th - Saturday
  • 2-3pm - Circus Opening!

    10th - Sunday
  • 6pm - Water Contest - As in a Coordinator type of contest! Please prepare an act with a WATER type pixelmon - or water themed act! Feel free to come in costume or whatever else needed for the act!

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