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Postby Rosy » Tue May 09, 2017 6:28 am

We've had these rules for a while now when you join the Staff, but I'm going to make this public for everybody's reference. If you see someone breaking one of these rules, nudge them politely first and then inform Rosy & KC - or any other GM if it isn't resolving itself! Be sure to record reference in the form of logs, screenshots, testimonials of people who witness it, and the such. If it is still a problem, I suggest contacting a CM, or GM right away; and if this is in TS, I suggest popping on that record button to either scare them out of it, or getting evidence even.

Staff Guidelines and Rules
  • Staff Members should respect and help out players in any aspect that they are able to. There is an expectation that all staff members will help others improve in their RP while providing a fun environment.
  • Staff Members shall not speak derogatively towards players and other staff members via any media officially moderated by the GM staff. This includes Official Toro Skype chats, the server, the forums, and Team Speak.
  • To ensure there is privacy for staff members and players, staff members will not unknowingly observe interactions between any players without receiving prior consent.
  • Staff members should remain in survival, unvanished, and shown on the DynaMap unless performing a task that requires otherwise.
  • Under no circumstance should a Staff Member use their permissions to gain an unfair advantage over non-staff players without admission from the GM team. This includes but is not limited to spawning in items or use pixelmon enhancements from creative, and/or using rare candies to level up their own pixelmon for the benefit of themselves or another player.

  • Respect people and help them improve.
  • No being absolute pricks on anything officially ran by the server.
  • No spying.
  • Stay in survival, unvanished, and shown on the DynaMap.
  • No cheating, especially spawning in items or Pixelmon.
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