Toro's Mardi Gras Festival! [ March 17-19th ]

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Postby Rosy » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:30 pm

Come join us this weekend / March 17th - 19th / for a Toro's version of Mardi Gras! A three day weekend long Event Hub that will be running Events, Mini-Events, and Player Events! The Unovan Princess, a large steamboat will be parked besides Cobalt, it is famous for it's unique Unovan-Aloan-Kalosian theme'd restaurant, Blue Bayou! The ship also boasts a talented band which resides in its Jazz Lounge!
There will be no 'flashing' at all, even if beads get thrown at you, thank you. This is a pg-13 server.

Please contact me anytime before the 19th here, in pm, skype, or even In-Game, about if you want to set up a stall, host an activity, or anything else you might want to do that pertains to this mini event-hub! If you had an idea that needs a little help, I'll be happy to help! Naturally if you can do something spontaneously, in accordance to the Mini-Event guidelines, such as holding a little concert. Something like setting up a booth would need my permission though!

Event Plans:
( All times are in EST )

    17th - Friday
  • 6pm - Opening Parade
  • TBD - Talent Show! - Prizes Available!

    18th - Saturday
  • TBD - Music Concert - Enjoy some Jazz together, or contribute!
  • 8pm - Random Tourney

    19th - Sunday
  • 6pm - Royal Ball - Come dressed up in your fanciest clothing, an optional mask if you wish, mingle, and enjoy the last night of the Festival in extravagant style on the Unovan Princess! Features a secret performance!
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