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Jinketh's Fishing Adventure | 5pm EST / March 7th

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:11 pm
by Rosy
Abusing both Toro's love for radio broadcast, Toro's local ocean enthusiast who only recently came back to mainland after his trip around the regions, Jinketh made good use of both. His thick Islish Accent however would not be broadcast to save Toro the trouble of trying to understand him over the radio. A fishing trip! To pay back the kindness of the people who lent him the boat he used, Jinketh is offering to show Toro the same kindness and take all who want on an open water fishing trip. Though this trip is not without it's dangers and while there is no age limit, the younger kids may not want to join this.
So come join us for totally safe family friendly fishing. Food, poles, bait, and even ponchos all provided!

OOC INFO: Tuesday, March 7th, 5PM EST in Cobalt. Bring a fishing skin!