-The Assassination of the Premier?!-

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Postby Sn0wfa11 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:50 pm

Toro’s radios and televisions are awash with variations on the same message, on an otherwise peaceful afternoon.

“Breaking news: we’re hearing reports that Premier Nikitas has been assassinated by poison.” The news anchor appears to shake a little with his words, though he delivers them with appropriate gravity and concern. “Further… word will likely come with an RTMP report in the near future. There are no other known details.”

The various channels cut to their own analyses of the event.


Hi everyone! Two things- one, yes, the Premier’s dead. This was a convenient way to solve the IC problems created by an OOC absence. Second, for the record, as I’ve heard confusion on the matter, Heather should otherwise, ICly, have been presumed to be in the region prior to this. Obviously I understand any confusion created by players’ absences OOCly, but I wanted to clear that up since I was recently informed of it and, after all, this hardly makes any sense if she wasn’t around.

Third (surprise, there’s a third item), given this is a relatively brief post, and you’re presumably curious and wanting more, rest assured there will be subsequent updates on the matter, as mentioned ICly above.

I assure you all this isn’t just for convenience, and there is foreshadowing and consequence at play here...

Thanks, and hope you’re all having fun on the server!
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