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Postby Salsa80 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:21 pm

The people of Toro, as always when something need be said, find their radios on and ears locked onto the voice of the usual voice of Toro. Today however they were greeted with tapping followed by the well known voice of the self proclaimed Uncle, and commissioner of Toro. "This is on right? Oh, they can hear me. Good. Uh, attention people of Toro. In case you guys don't recognize my voice, I'm Kai Dreamer, commissioner of the RTMP. With the school days just around the corner and everyone gettin ready to break open the books and rub your nose across the words, it's time we all settle down and enjoy the peace and sight of the new numbers on our calendars. Before all that though, I've had many people ask me about the newest updates to the RTMP building and how we work, and honestly, it's easier to show than to actually tell you. Because of this fact, I'm hosting a tour of the entire building. Because of the children that have been wanting to see it all prisoners have been moved to a different building. The only danger has uh- well there's been a few break ins...Nothing major, just something for us to look out for. Probably some kids just bein stupid. Regardless, come and enjoy a fun little tour, snacks and drinks all provided-"

The radio momentarily cut out, followed by static and a very noticeable laugh heard, and if one would pay close attention, the words 'See you there' may have been mixed in, though who really knew?

"What was that- Oh we're back on the air? Ok good, but uh, yea, I hope to see you all there. Thanks for listening and enjoy your music Toro."

(I hope you all come to have fun at this little fluff event that's been in the planning for a good while, and now made more relevant thanks to the updates and changes to the RTMP, and the building. A date is still being questioned, either the 9th, 10th, or 11th!)
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