Kibo Ball - 1/4/17

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Postby kcband36 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:25 pm

Kibo Ball
6:30 PM EST

Posters are all around Toro advertising the Kibo Ball that is set to be this upcoming season, it advertises that the ball will have free food and drinks as well as a special event planned. There will also be a dancing competition with a cash prize of 25,000P, and many more activities for the whole family.


Sorry for announcing this so late and close to the event, I got busier the closer New Years came. Any who, this Kibo Ball will be packed with some fun events for all, ranging from the adults to the numerous, numerous, too numerous, kids. I hope I can see you all there! Also don't forget to turn in your Secret Santa presents by the 7th!
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