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Howdy! I'm Vernon! I'm just your friendly neighborhood member of Lore Team and all around idiot! I enjoy gaming, roleplaying, writing, and reading (Though the latter two I don't do much anymore...I need to get back on that). I used to help make your events and make sure Toro stays fun, so if you ever have a question about that, feel free to let me know! As of now, I'm a normal player, aside from helping make some of the Lore of Toro! I'm an approachable person, or so I like to think. I feel like Toro is about the players, and I like to make players feel important.

Oh! I'm also the modder for the Toro Blocks mod that adds in all of Toro's custom blocks and items, such as the umbrellas!

I'm currently the Viridis Gym Leader, and the mayor of Ferrite, among other things, but I feel like that's the most important of my IC things, so if you need to challenge the gym, you know who to bug.

If you need to contact me, my Discord is MirroredFencer#6969 and if you need to contact me on server, my accounts are as follows:

  • MirroredFencer
  • Senthura
  • MirroredNinja
  • MirroredRocker
  • TDrake12
  • risingsuns9412
  • MirroredEmerald
  • Angel_and_Demon

Jesus that's a lot of accounts. I have a problem.
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