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Postby Rosy » Tue May 26, 2015 2:28 am

    Hello, helllo! I am Rosy, or Popette as my username says. Located in Florida, I am in a very happy relationship, and I'm the youngest of the GM team at age 20, but I've been a happy server-goer since 16!
    I am the [ET-B] Overlord! I organize builds, gather builders, and then whip those people to build! I also dip my hand in [PR] business. If you've been near Cobalt, well, that's mostly me! Along with building, I enjoy sleeping, anime of the badass kind, hoarding treasure, drawing,and... hoarding drawings.
In-Character you may know me under a few different names, but my most popular would be Maggie LeGrand, Dictator-Mayor of Cobalt, and wife to Toro's fuzziest man! Or maybe you know the Arbiter Marigold LeGrand, mayor of Toro's Capital city, Aurelia & Canvas. If you ever need something or just want a chat, hit me up in PMs!

    My accounts are:
      - Popette -Maggie LeGrand
      - Rosy - Marigold / Hiba
      - Clarebear - Alex
      - \\ - Sakura
      - Kokoro_DokiDoki - Clementine
      - Frita - Freya
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