Texture Pack

Our texture pack was made by the lovely Peach and both Sonicsora223 and KCband36 added to it later. I think a "Thank you!" is in order, isn't it?

Mods and Modpack

A big thanks to the Pixelmon team for providing such a great mod and Mister Crayfish for giving us chairs we can now sit on.
Decocraft was made by Razzleberryfox, find their mod here.
MatresxVigil (Also known as Pam) is the owner of the Harvestcraft mod, and Rhodox provided graphical assets for it. You can donate to them here.
Noppes created the More Player Models 2 Mod, you can find his MCForum thread here.
Last but not least we give credit to Nuchaz for making Bibliocraft, all his mods can be found on his website.

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